Pudumjee Paper Products Supplier and Distributor in Uttarakhand

March 30, 2022

Pudumjee Paper Products Supplier and Distributor in Uttarakhand

Are you searching for a Pudumjee Paper Products supplier and distributor in Uttarakhand? If it is yes, you are at the right place Pudumjee is known for its Specialty paper business with a core belief in value creation. The business has started with the manufacture of high-quality papers for customers.

Pudumjee paper products was incorporated on 14th January 2015 with the clear object of the choice of products to add value in terms of meeting specific requirements of customers.

And after that PPPm over the decades have continually expanded their products starts offering, pioneering many a product lies in India, and have established in the marketplace their name for quality and reliability.

Pioneering with a humble beginning through offering especially papers products like Glassine and Greaseproof Papers for packaging application, the group has grown over the years to expand their business by offering a wide range of special papers and soft tissues.

At present day, the company has an installed capacity of over 72,000 tons per annum (TPA) which represents a full range of high-quality paper manufacturing in-country from a single location.

The company has done a diversified into several activities from manufacturing specialty paper to converted hygiene tissue papers products and FMCG products.

Pudumjee is the first Company in Asia that achieve the certificates such as ISO 14001:2008, ISO 22000, FSCc 114394 which meet the requirement of a chain of custody as also Green Seal Certification for its Hygiene operation for conversion of soft tissue.

Our Products

There are some products are listed below:

  • M Fold White

  • Kitchen Roll & Dispenser

  • Toilet Roll

  • Napkin Paper

  • Face Tissue & Face Tissue Dispenser

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Paper Products Supplier and distributor in Uttarakhand

Searching for paper products supplier and distributor in Uttarakhand, Pudujmee paper products supplier and distributor in Uttarakhand. We have covered the entire spectrum of hygiene solutions including paper soap, tissue dispensers, Facial and bathroom tissues, Napkins papers, hand towels paper, toilet rolls paper, etc.

Pudumjee offers fully hygienic products to their clients which helps in meeting customer needs, in today’s world, every customer wants fully hygienically paper products and Pudumjee always takes care of their customers by offering premium quality products.

Pudumjee paper production limited was incorporated on 14th January 2015 as a public limited company under the provisions of the company ACT 2013.

We have a very wide range of specialty paper products, we offer high-quality specialty paper for different applications.

We have very dedicated teams of professionals experienced people team of the best technical and business brains in the industry.

Why choose Narayani Enterprises

Narayani enterprises are officially based in Dehradun, Uttarakhand. We are the authorized Pudumjee paper products supplier and distributor in Uttarakhand, also deals in huge varieties of paper products.

A large number of customers and hotel owners have put their trust in us. And hence we leave no stone unturned in fulfilling their trust expectation. We have a complete paper products solution to other accessories; we have got your back.

We deal in all kinds of branded top-quality Pudumjee paper products, searching for premium Pudumjee products in Uttarakhand, Pudumjee leads to the paper products in Uttarakhand, Narayani also has many types of luxury products for satisfying their client’s needs.

Pudumjee paper products are at very Comparative Prices, Original, and Genuine Products that directly come from the main company and are delivered to you.

We are sure you will experience our amazing business standards, better services, and products supply. Our sales services team will guide you to get the right product according to your Budget.

Narayani enterprises give 100% assurance of product quality and authenticity of original genuine products, we are a trustable supplier and distributor in Uttarakhand.

We meet your competitive market expectations, which shows that we deal only in original premium branded products.

Narayani Enterprises is Providing you with:

  • Variety of brands- We are dealing with several brands.
  • 100% original products- We bought products directly from the manufacturing company.
  • Affordable- The price quotation made by us is genuine, we do not claim high prices like many other suppliers in the industry.


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