Nilkamal Products Supplier and Distributor in Uttarakhand

April 9, 2022

Nilkamal Products Supplier and Distributor in Uttarakhand

Searching for Nilkamal Products Supplier and Distributor in Uttarakhand? You are in the right place Narayani enterprises is the best supplier and distributor in Uttarakhand.

Nilkamal is the top brand known for its popular products, Nilkamal Products has created waves not only in India as well as in the International Market. Nilkamal products are available in more than 30 countries. Our products are not only available at retail stores, outlets, and Institutions, we are also available Online through.

Nilkamal products have eternally been a part of Indian homes’ interiors or taking space in the form of maybe Plastic iceboxes in your homes, which makes Nilkamal India’s favorite brand.

As a company, Nilkamal always takes care of the quality of its products which makes them unique and 100% trusted by their clients, this has resulted in Nilkamal being an undisputed leader in molded plastic market.

The company has extended its expertise to the Nilkamal products range of ready products too, which adds both emotion and charm to your Interiors.

We also made a strong network of more than 30,000 dealers spread across the country; our company always aims to bring top-quality with Budget-friendly Nilkamal products to the deepest regions in India.

Our Products

There are some Nilkamal Products listed below:

  • Insulated Boxes for Ice-cream & Fish Industry
  • Stainless Steel Gastronom (GN) Pans

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Uses of Nilkamal Products

Insulated Boxes for Ice-cream & Fish Industry

The Ultimate Choice for Preservation of Hot & Cold Stuff Nilkamal’s wide range of insulated Ice Boxes is Innovatively designed with the latest technology and made from food-grade virgin USDA/FDA/EU approved polyethylene PU tiled and UV Stabilized-best Suited for preserving hot food hot & cold stuff cold hygienically for a longer duration.

These are some salient Features:

  • Hygienic, easy to clean and wash
  • Stackable for space-saving
  • Strong and durable
  • PU filled & UV stabilized
  • All the iceboxes are available with & without drain cap & vending lid

3 Reasons to Choose Nilkamal Products

In today’s day, everyone wants a beautiful, operative, and furnished house. At Nilkamal Limited, you don’t have to go different-different places for premium products, containers, material handling, and many more. We are here for you to ease it up.

There are some points listed below that can helps you to choose Nilkamal products:

Value For Price

Everyone knows that the products and the prices are the core of every company, we have a wide range of products with different quality levels which can suit both your work as well as living space. We have many segments including a range of baby chairs, dining tables, Stools, and School benches.


There are so many factors that affect customers’ decisions such as distribution channel, logistics, and location. Our company has 8 large manufacturing in India this means that you can pick and choose what best suits your home giving you complete flexibility which how you want to utilize or combine the components in your space, this flexibility also helps in cost saving.

Great Design and Probability

This is another feature of our company product its lightweight innovation designs from traditional wood to leather products we covered everything. We made our products lightweight which makes them portable for those who are always on the move and for those saving space.

Our investing in portable products like containers, and storage boxes that can easily moveable which you can use indoors or as well as outdoors.

We always try to make your house decor with smooth experience by offering quality products at reasonable prices.

Why choose Narayani Enterprises

Narayani Enterprises is the authorized Nilkamal Products supplier and distributor in Uttarakhand, we are officially based in Dehradun, Uttarakhand and we also deal in large varieties of Nilkamal products.

A large no of customers and hotel owners have put their trust in us, and we leave no stone unturned in fulfilling their trust expectations. We have a complete Nilkamal products solution to other accessories we have got your back.

Narayani Enterprises deals in all kinds of top-quality, if you are searching for premium storage products in Uttarakhand, you are in right place Narayani has all types of luxury products which can design your home and satisfy your needs.

Nilkamal premium products are at a very comparative price with original quality genuine products that directly come from the manufacturing company and are delivered to you.

We provide amazing business standards, with better services, and products supply. You will experience amazing service our sales services team will guide you to get the best product according to your budget.

Narayani enterprises give 100% assurance of product quality and authenticity of original genuine products, we are a trustable supplier and distributor in Uttarakhand.

We meet your competitive market expectations, which shows that we deal only in original premium branded products.

Narayani Enterprises is Providing you with:

  • Variety of brands- We are dealing with several brands.
  • 100% original products- We bought products directly from the manufacturing company.
  • Affordable- The price quotation made by us is genuine, we do not claim high prices like many other suppliers in the industry.

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