IFB Products Supplier and Distributor in Uttarakhand

June 10, 2022

IFB Products Supplier and Distributor in Uttarakhand

Searching for an IFB Products Supplier and Distributor in Uttarakhand? You are at the right place Narayani Enterprises is a supplier and distributor of IFB products in Uttarakhand.

In this article, you will get to know all the details of IFB products and why Narayani is best for your product selection.

So, let’s start with the IFB (Indian Fine Bank Ltd) is founded in 1974 and Bijon Nag is the founder of IFB. The headquarter is in Kolkata, West Bengal, India. And the IFB Industries deals in many commercial appliances across a range of product categories like Laundry Solutions or Dishwashing Solutions.

IFB’s skilled team creates products to internationally certified standards we never compromise on our processes, technology, and the components to deliver the best performance to our clients. Our Research and Development are the backbone of our innovation.

The company has raised the chain of 530 retail outlets called IFB ‘Point’.

Now let’s take a look at IFB Products.

Here are the IFB Products

IFB Commercial Products have two Categories listed below:

  1. Laundry Solution
  2. Dishwashing Solutions

Now let’s talk a look at both category products.

Laundry Solution

  • Washers
  • Laundromatique
  • Xeros
  • Dryers
  • Ironers
  • Automatic High-Speed Folders
  • Dry Cleaning Machine
  • Steam Generators
  • Finishing Equipment
  • Accessories 

Dishwashing Solutions

  • Under Counter Glass Washers
  • Under Counter Dishwashers
  • Hood Type Dishwashers
  • Rack Conveyor Type Dishwashers

As you see above, they are the commercial category and their products of IFB.

Why Choose Narayani Enterprises

Narayani enterprises took a step in hospitality in 2016. Narayani is based in Dehradun, Uttarakhand. We are the authorized IFB Products Supplier and Distributor in Uttarakhand, we also deal in Many other Branded products in Uttarakhand.

We deal in all the kinds of branded products of IFB,

Searching for top-quality IFB products Supplier and Distributor in Uttarakhand, IFB leads the top-quality Care and protection products in Uttarakhand, Narayani Supplies many types of care Luxury Products for satisfying their client’s needs and their luxury lifestyle.

Narayani Enterprises is the authorized distributor and supplier of 20+ hospitality brands. As of now, we are among the most trusted IFB products supplier and distributors in Uttarakhand.

IFB products are at comparative prices, genuine and authentic products, that are directly come from the manufacturing company and delivered to you.

In Addition to the premium products supply and the best services, you will experience our amazing business Service standards.

Our sales services team will guide you to get the best premium products according to your budget.

Why Choose Us

Nayarani enterprises are the best-trusted IFB Products supplier and distributors in Uttarakhand, we give our 100% assurance for you, there’s no need to word about the product quality and authenticity of original Products.

We only deal in premium original products with top-rated companies and We meet our client’s expectations in a competitive market.

Narayani Enterprises is Providing you with:

  • We have lots of different-different varieties of branded products.
  • Only original and branded products we bought directly from the manufacturing Company and delivered to our client/customers.
  • Our products are Economical and affordable
  • You will get the best services with Competitive Pricing, Customer Service Supported, and On-time Delivery.

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