Cambro Products Supplier and Distributor in Uttarakhand

March 17, 2022

Cambro Products Supplier and Distributor in Uttarakhand

Cambro products are known for the complete solution for the commercial Kitchen all types of equipment for Hospitals, Restaurants, Hotels, Cafes, and Fast Food Chains.

Today day’s lots of people are using the Cambro products, searching for the fast-food chain so you are at the right place Narayani enterprise is a Cambro products Supplier and distributor in Uttarakhand with different varieties.

Narayani enterprise deals with the top company with top-quality branded products. There are lots of companies who want to connect with the Narayani enterprises because they only deliver the original products which are directly taken from the manufacturing company which gives the surety for the original products to the clients.

If you are a restaurant owner then you have to remember one thing which you have to mainly focus on the quality and the integrity of the client. Your restaurant reputation is dependent on the quality of the product which you serve them.

If you are searching for top-quality Cambro products then you are at the right place Narayani enterprise only deals with branded products and top-rated companies. We help you to get the highly-rated products and the products are directly delivered from the manufacturing company to the clients.

Cambro products

There are some Cambro products is given below:

  • Food Holding and Transportation
  • Camshelving Elements Series
  • Ware washing, Handling, and Storage
  • Food Storage and Preparation
  • Healthcare
  • Food Presentation
  • Table Service
  • Trays

As you see above there are some categories of Cambro products that were served by the Narayani Enterprises.

Uses for Cambro Products

There can be many uses of Cambro products in different places. Cambro products are made for the uses of different purposes. There are some uses is given below:

Camtainer Turned Handwash Station

The Camtainer is a Cambro product that is most popular and recognizable because it works for virtually every type of foodservice operation out there. Most people Camtainer use it to hold Coffee, Punch, Iced tea, or Water. Cambro container comes with temperature retention of at least four hours.

A container can be turned into completely different products by adding one accessory. You can easily turn your container into a hand wash station by attaching Cambro’s Handwash accessory to its top.

You can use your Camtainer as a hand-washer to outdoor events to keep your hands clean during cooking and services.

Camshelving Turned Dry-aging Room

Camshelving is a Premium series of Cambro products that is most commonly used for holding food boxes, Food pans, and Dry goods in your kitchen, a handful of streak houses have found new uses of Camshelving which is rust-free shelving.

Dry-aging rooms show all important things in front of the house because antimicrobial protection is permanently molded into shelf plates, high-grade meat directly on the top of the shelving, chefs feel comfortable putting expensive.

Whenever we need to clean shelf plates between shipments we just have to easily wipe, or clean, and run through a dishwasher.

Ultra-Pan Carrier S-Series Turned Portable Ingredient Station

The Cambro Ultra Pan Carrier S-series is made to hold the full size and half size Camwear Pans to make it easy to transport a large quantity of food.

Pan Carrier is also be perfectly used by smaller Camwear pan to create an ingredients station which is beneficial for the food trucks who uses the Ultra-pan carrier s-series and Camwear food pans keep bratwurst topping fresh and organized.

CamSquare For Sous Vide

The camsquare is the most useful in kitchens to stores all types of foods, it made the virtually Camwear polycarbonate which is crystal-clear walls making it easy to see exactly what is inside.

This product has become extremely popular for use n sous vide cooking, attaching an immersion circulator to the side of the container, and dropping in sealed vegetables, meat, or other foods.

When you use a clear container versus a solid one allows users to see the progress of their foods.

Flex Station: Endless Possibilities

The flex station is a system that is built with the same reliable materials as the rest of the camshelving line, it’s a premium designed caster with the locking option. Flex station is easily moveable whenever you need it, it has angled divider bars that are compatible with the full size and half size camwear food pans or camwear food boxes to create different sections through the system.

You can add shelves for the expanded capability, these designs have enabled operations to make the designated delivery station.

Why choose Narayani enterprises

Narayani enterprises took a step in hospitality in 2016. Which is based in Dehradun, Uttarakhand. We are the authorized Cambro products Supplier and Distributor. And we also deal in hospitality products in Uttarakhand.

We deal in all the kinds of branded products of Cambro, Searching for top-quality Cambro products in Uttarakhand, Cambro leads the top-quality Kitchen products in Uttarakhand, Narayani has many types of Luxury Products for satisfying their client’s needs and their luxury lifestyle.

Cambro products are at comparative prices, genuine and authentic products, which are directly come from the main company and supplied to you.

In Addition to the better services and Products supply, you will experience our amazing business standards. Every customer sales services team will guide to you get the right products according to your budget.

Nayarani enterprises is a trustable Cambro products supplier and distributor in Uttarakhand, we give 100% assurance about the quality and authenticity of original Products.

We deal only in premium branded original products with top-rated companies. We meet your expectations in a competitive market.

Narayani Enterprises is Providing you with:

  • Variety of brands-

    We are dealing in several brands.

  • 100% original products-

    We bought products directly from the manufacturing company.

  • Economical and Affordable-

    The price quotation made by us is genuine, We do not claim high prices like many other suppliers in the industry.

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